July 6, 2010

How Your Story Becomes Your Website

Everything begins as a story. Your early childhood. Your wedding day. Your business launch. When we relate to each other, we relate through the stories we tell.

Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks recently contributed to Johnny Holland Magazine about the value of story to find solutions to problems clients face. In “Using Stories for Design Ideas,” Quesenbery and Brooks touched on an approach we use when designing your site: we often begin with your story.

Quite literally, this begins with a conversation. You tell your story to our sales team. After providing initial details, our SEO Specialist begins to assemble the words that will help shape your story. Then, perhaps starting with another conversation, you work one-on-one with me to write your story, page by page.

By the end of content production—and before you see the wireframe or front page mockup—it is your business, service or product stories that serve to ignite the creative process. The words themselves articulate the problem and the solution, and our Web designers commit to further solving your problem with visuals.

Your story continues through design and development milestones, although it now takes on the form of images and user-friendly features. As Quesenbery and Brooks suggested in their article, the story changes over time as more contributions are made during the website design or Web app development process.

As your website launches, we hope it is the story—as text, as design and as functionality—that helps you connect with your visitors and build lasting business success.


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