June 15, 2011

Tips on Having a Winning Mobile App Design

More and more businesses are having mobile apps developed. However, just because a company has a mobile app doesn’t mean that people will be excited about downloading it.  So, if you’re thinking about having a mobile app designed, there are a few important things to consider.

K.I.S.A.P. – Keep it Simple As Possible

When it comes to designing a mobile app, keep it simple as possible.  For some reason, many people believe that the more features a mobile app has, the more downloads they will receive.  This isn’t necessarily true.  People aren’t solely interested in the features an app provides. They want something that they can actually use.  If an app doesn’t immediately solve a problem or make life easier, people will not download the app. Remember, the old saying …less is more.

Have you ever noticed what the most successful apps all have in common?  They all provide people with an ‘easy’ user experience.  The app you provide your users should be easy to use — almost effortless.

Keep an eye on the time.

Performance is the key to having a successful app. The mobile industry is constantly evolving. Most mobile users don’t have time to wait for a mobile app that takes 25 seconds to load. Your mobile app should only take a few seconds to load and the transitions within the app should be swift. Remember, you only have a few seconds to entertain your guest before they decide to go AWOL.

All app developers aren’t created equal.

It seems as though every web designer out there is now providing mobile app design services. Unfortunately, not all designers are good mobile app developers. The key to having a successful app is to hire an ‘experienced’ mobile app developer. A skilled developer will not only create an attractive-looking app, he or she will invent an app that is easy to use and marketable.

Keep them excited.

There is a popular saying that many famous comedians use – ‘Keep them laughing’.  If you want to keep your customers interested in your mobile app, you have to keep them excited.  To accomplish this, you have to release updates and engage your users on a regular basis. This will help keep your users loyal.

With so many apps available on the market today, your app is more than likely not one of a kind.  The good news is, you can still gain and keep loyal users. If you have an app that fulfills a need and it contains all of the requirements mentioned in this article, you’re headed in the right direction.

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